B&H Cedar Log Homes is located in Fredericksburg, VA.  We are now retired.  With over 25 years experience in the manufacture, design and sale of log homes and log cabins, we have seen a thing or two.  This site is a wealth of information for folks who are looking to buy or build their first log home.  Please feel free to browse our revamped web site.  We will be adding some more information and resources in the near future so keep coming back.

As stated, we no longer  manufacturer log home kits.   Over the years we have established relationships with the most modern, dependable mills  in New England and Canada – “White Cedar Country.” You will find a number of reputable log home manufacturers in our sponsor section.  Please-  always do your homework, check reviews, and ask for references.  Any reputable builder will be happy to supply them.

Our site will walk you through  log homes and cabins made from popular lower cost White Pine. We will explain all the intricacies including details like dovetail corners, butt and pass corners, saddle notch corners and a variety of log profiles; including what we used to call our classic post and beam construction with 8″x 8″ corner posts.

B&H was not a general contractor.  We did not build log cabin homes or log cabins; however, you will find in this site a directory of log home builders indexed by state. (This will open in a new tab). It is likely that one or more of these log builders will bid on the construction of your dream log home.  We cannot stress enough to check reviews and references of any contractor you hire.  Please do your homework Before you order a log home kit from anyone, please be sure you read our site carefully.  We are a valuable resource for beginners and even those with some experience.   This site goes over our experiences while in the industry.  We will have plenty of examples of the homes we offered (and are still available), along with some of the pitfalls we learned along the way.  Please support our site by buying our books, or if you see an ad you like, please click.  

A log office building in down town Seoul, Korea by B & H Cedar Log Homes – designed  in close coordination with the Korean client.

Exports to other countries: B&H exported log home and log cabin kits.  In fact we designed and delivered log home kits to several foreign countries.  Working closely with a Korean client, B&H designed a muti-story commercial building with the White Cedar log walls supported by steel girders. We  worked with clients that have designed and delivered log kits to Greece, DePalm Island off Aruba, Holland, Japan, Germany, Canada, Haiti.  Click on the ‘exports’ link  above for examples of log kits delivered to Ireland, Israel, Japan, and Korea.   Each export kit was designed in close consolation with the customer and with sensitivity for local customs. Believe it or not, the log office building pictured above  was constructed in downtown Seoul, Korea, on a lot valued at $1,500,000.

A golf club house in Virginia by B and H cedar

Custom designs:  Custom log home designs and construction drawings were a B&H specialty.  Now, we can direct you to experienced architects who do this work.  Rarely does a log home company ship the same design more that once.  Once you have an Architect, the best way to start your custom design is to find an existing floor plan that is close to what you have in mind, mark it up with your changes and bring it to them. Or, just bring them a free hand sketch. Answer a few questions and they will give you a firm quote on the log kit and begin preparation of the construction drawings. The log golf club house is a custom designed structure by B&H in close consultation with the client.  Remember, Kit manufacturers do not supply any building materials you can purchase locally. We have always been  convinced you will save money purchasing building materials locally. Plus, the materials are delivered as you need them.

Sandy’s Joy – One of our home designs, located outside Fredericksburg, Virginia.  This home is no longer open to the public.

Contemporary designs: B&H Cedar Log Homes offered contemporary log homes and traditional log cabins. Characteristics of a contemporary log home include ceiling heights greater than 8 feet, large fixed glass windows, open space and frequently a split floor plan (master bedroom at one end of the log home and guest bedrooms at the other end of the home)  A contemporary design is often described as “light and airy”.  The home pictured above is our 2300 square foot contemporary  log home, “Sandy’s Joy”, located a short distance from Fredericksburg, VA.  Check out the contemporary log floor plan (opened in a new tab) for the log plan, a larger picture and links to other contemporary log home designs. The construction drawings for this home may be purchased on line. 

View our log home slide show  of the interior of this log home.below:

 A modified version of the B&H standard log cabin model Highland.

Traditional designs:
 Characteristics of a traditional log cabin design, frequently include wrap around porches, front dormers, double hung windows and two floors. The traditional  design is sometimes called a log cabin or “Cape Cod” design. A traditional log design is often described as “warm”. The log cabin home pictured above is our 1400 square foot traditional design, “The Highland.”  Please visit the “Highland” page for the plan,  larger picture and links to other traditional  log cabin  designs. The construction drawings for this cabin may be purchased on lime. Conventional house designs can be converted  to tog home drawings. 

Thanks for visiting our site:. Enjoy your visit!  References are readily available upon request. Your comments and questions are solicited.

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