Regional Builder Map

Here we have a regional builder map presented as a visual state by state Google map query and we have presented it with an easy to navigate interface.  Please click on the region or area below to locate the builders local to where you are looking to build or buy.  This list changes dynamically and can be used as an easy check for builders.

We also have a Zillow query for log home real estate listings as well.

Click on the country, state or geographical area of interest..

Remember, log homes should be constructed only by experienced log home builders or under the supervision of experienced log home builders.
Attention log home builders: If you are an experienced log home builder, with an established track record, please get a free google business listing along with customer reviews and you should appear on this list automatically.

Attention log home surfers: Check back often.
This is a work in progress.
From the B&H attorney:
The contractors listed on the regional builder map are neither endorsed by nor recommended by B&H Cedar log Homes, LLC.
Each individual must exercise his or her own due diligence.
Check references, check references, check references, check references,