log Homes and Energy Efficient Windows
Yes, this page should be of interest to both Log home owners and owners of conventionalog Homes. However this is a Log home and Log cabin web site, thus
the title above.

So, here is the first impressive photo.
Ice outside, 71 degree setting on the thermostat inside.
This is a double glazed, Argon filled Milgard, Tuscany series, unit.

Photo copyright 2007 © owned by SH3, Inc. Used with permission.
Infra red analysis of the windows in a Log home. When interpreting the photos, be sure to compare the temperature vs. color scale at the bottom of each photo with the colors in the photo. The temperature outside was 30 – 35 degrees F, inside 72 degrees F. The instrument was a FLIR-i7.

A photo showing a window in a Log home and the importance of argon gas filled double glaze. Argon filled, double glass, vinyl frames. looks like the good news here is the argon gas fill between the panes. Note the higher energy efficiency when compared to the twin unit on the left.
Window showing the difference a honey comb shade makes.
This is a twin, double hung window unit. The window on the left is covered by a black-out, honey comb shade. Wow! What a surprise. Also note the purple
(cool) window frame. The window is, double pane, all wood frame, aluminum covered exterior but no argon gas fill.

Locally manufactured fixed glass in the gable of a contemporary Log home.
These fixed glass, double glazed, units were made in a local glass shop. Big bucks were saved in the cost of the units compared to the cost of custom units made by well known national manufacturers. However, the life cycle cost comparison is an unknown.