Northern White Cedar is our species of choice for log homes because it is insect resistant, finishes beautifully and has the highest insulating value of any wood used in construction.. Northern White Cedar is beautiful and cheaper than it’s Western Red Cedar cousin. In addition to our traditional Northern White Cedar, B&H now offers logs of White Pine. Many log homes have been built with this species with a cost saving of $2,500 (more or less).per log kit

Post and beam construction
dates back to biblical times. The verticaLog corner posts and uprights carry the weight of the roof system, not the wall logs. B&H designs both traditiona log and contemporary log homes; however, post and beam construction makes possible to build such contemporary features as ceiling heights to 10 feet and sunken rooms. Log wall settlement is not an issue when buidng post and beam. Remember, shrinking occurs across the grain and very little along the grain.

The machined tongue and groove “D” Log is a recent improvement in log home technology. The “D” Log has tongues on top and grooves on the bottom; and is round on the outside, flat (with beveled edges) on the inside. A drip edge is also machined into the log. The logs are pre-cut to fit your foundation and accommodate your windows and doors. Our Logs are available in both 6″ x 6″ and 6″ x 8″ dimension. In addition to our popular post and beam with 8″x 8″ corner posts, B&H now offers butt and pass, saddle notch and dovetail corners.

Log wall construction detail.



The unsightly stain on the GlueLam beam is glue which squeezed out during assembly of the beam. Failure to specify “Appearance Grade” and this is what will be delivered to the log home job site. Eventually, all of the structures above will from view. The above photo courtesy of APA – The Engineered Wood Association.

Framing grade, LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber).

This picture of three engineered, appearance grade, GlueLams was provided by
Cedar Homes of the Rockies.

This appearance grade GlueLam beam is the balcony in the Sandy’s Joy, contemporary style log home.

Application of sealant foam tape during log wall construction.

A high grade of caulking is applied to the outside of the tongue.