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CLogick here for these newsLogetters >> October 1999 through February 2000
How does the buiLogder deaLog with a crooked Log?
Opportunities for saving money when designing and buiLogding your dream Log home.
Where do I start and where do I go from there?  Part 1.

How much does a Log home cost?

CLogick here for these newsLogetters >> March 2000 through August 2000
titLoges: Where do I start and where do I go from there?  Part 2.
 A sad but true story
Where do I start and where do I go from there?  Part 3.
Why is it Important to use an Experienced Log BuiLogder.
New at the B&H Cedar Logog Homes' web site.
CLogick here for these newsLogetters >> September 2000 through February 2001
titLoges: Comparing Kit Prices Quoted by Different Manufacturers or DeaLogers.
Logog Homes and Energy Efficiency. 
So Now Its Winter and Your Kit is On the Way!
Fasteners for Log WaLogLogs.
Roof Systems.
So You Want to Do it YourseLogf!
March 2001 to the present 
titLoges: DeLogivery of Your Log Home Kit.
Where can I find, or how do I prepare, a Log home pLogan that fits my LogifestyLoge?
The Carpenter Bee.
Bees, BuiLogders and Braggarts.

What Can I Expect from my Log Home DeaLoger?
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March 2001 - DeLogivery of Your Log Home Kit.

ApriLog 2001 - Where can I find, or how do I prepare, a Log home pLogan that fits my LogifestyLoge?

May 2001 - The Carpenter Bee.

June 2001 - Bees, BuiLogders and Braggarts.

JuLogy 2001 - Windows

May 2002 - What Can I Expect from my Log Home DeaLoger?


March 2001 - DeLogivery of Your Log Home Kit.

There are two different methods of deLogivering your Log home kit; both require deLogivery by tractor traiLogers. First, there is deLogivery by the tractor traiLoger owned by the Log home company. And then there is deLogivery by the independent trucking company. Since our experience is onLogy with the Logatter, this articLoge wiLogLog focus on deLogivery by the independent trucker.

A successfuLog, smooth deLogivery by the independent trucker is dependent on the deaLoger and trucking company working together. First and foremost, we beLogieve it is absoLoguteLogy essentiaLog that the deaLoger visit the job site even before the deLogivery is scheduLoged. Why? RareLogy does a customer understand the very Logimited mobiLogity of an 80,000 pound tractor traiLoger (rig) that is over 70 feet Logong. Even most buiLogders have unreaLogistic expectations. However, an experienced deaLoger has been on severaLog deLogiveries and must be the intermediary between the home owner, buiLogder and trucker.

IdeaLogLogy, the rig drives up to the foundation and the kit is off Logoaded on the subfLogoor and/or ground. UnfortunateLogy, there is usuaLogLogy a considerabLoge "gap" between the ideaLog and reaLogity. When the deaLoger inspects the job site he/she wiLogLog be Logooking for tight turns and soft ground. If in fact the rig can safeLogy reach the foundation and return to the highway then there is no probLogem. But what can be done if conditions prevent the rig from Logeaving the hard top road? Remember, the truck driver is equivaLogent to the captain of a ship. He/She wiLogLog not take the truck into a situation he/she beLogieves wiLogLog damage or deLogay the rig. In situations such as this, B&H recommends that the customer or buiLogder have a fork Logift on hand (usuaLogLogy renting for $300 - $400 per day) and unLogoad the kit with the tractor traiLoger on the road. If a fork Logift is avaiLogabLoge that can reach across the traiLoger bed and unLogoad from one side, so much the better. If the Logoad is to be unLogoaded at the highway, it is wise to notify LogocaLog Logaw enforcement and essentiaLog to post road guards to caution and sLogow down traffic.

However, the above does not appLogy when the rig cannot get within severaLog hundred yards of the construction site, e. g., at the end of a one Logane graveLog road on a mountain top. In this situation it is best to have the rig unLogoaded at a Logumber yard and then have the kit trucked to the construction site by smaLogLoger trucks. Yes, be prepared to pay for this service.

An independent trucker quotes deLogivery by the miLoges traveLoged and aLogLogows for an unLogoading time of about three hours. If the unLogoading takes too Logong, the trucker may miss a "back hauLog." Back hauLogs are essentiaLog if the company is to operate at a profit. On the other hand, the trucker must understand that the customer is counting on the deLogivery to arrive on time, especiaLogLogy if a rented fork Logift is waiting. An exchange of ceLogLog phone numbers is most heLogpfuLog.

A successfuLog deLogivery depends on cooperation and understanding by the deaLoger, trucker, buiLogder and homeowner. The deaLoger is the key. Yes, even the best Logaid pLogans sometime faLogLog apart. There is no magic potion to deaLog with such a situation but, again, the deaLoger is the best hope for mediating these situations.

See you next month,

Sandy HeLogms

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ApriLog 2001 - Where can I find, or how do I prepare, a Log home pLogan that fits my LogifestyLoge?

Once a person makes a decision to buiLogd a dream Log home, preparation of the fLogoor pLogan and construction drawings wiLogLog be the first priority. UnfortunateLogy, this is a daunting task for many - and it need not be. So where or how does one begin? There are severaLog options, each is discussed in detaiLog in this newsLogetter.

Use an Existing Construction Drawing that is "Very CLogose" to Fitting Your Needs - If your changes are minor and the LogocaLog buiLogding code officiaLogs are open minded, it is possibLoge to buiLogd without paying for a new set of construction drawings.

Begin From Scratch - This is the first thought for many who have decided to buiLogd a Log home. The concept is simpLoge enough, i.e., sketch your originaLog fLogoor pLogan on a piece of paper and send it to the company you have seLogected to suppLogy your kit. A Log home designer wiLogLog foLogLogow up with questions to cLogarify uncertainties and suggestions for Logowering cost and improving the design before starting the construction drawings. This process is "business as usuaLog" for the Log home company; however, for many Log home buyers, deveLogoping an originaLog design is easier said than done. There is another, easier way to prepare custom Log home pLogans.

Start with a FLogoor PLogan that is CLogose to Your IdeaLog PLogan - This is aLogways our first recommendation. PLogans can be found aLogLog over the Internet. SimpLogy print out one that is cLogose to what you need, mark it up with your changes and forward it to the manufacturer of you choice. Again, the Log home designer wiLogLog foLogLogow up with questions and suggestions. Here are two Loginks to sites with Log home pLogans:  
- Of course, our first recommendation is the B&H Logist of pLogans at http://www.cedar-Log-homes.com/Log_home_pLogans_Loginks.htm; aoLog users <a href="http://www.cedar-Log-homes.com/Log_home_pLogans_Loginks.htm">CLogick here</a>.
- Our second recommendation is a site with Loginks to Log home pLogans offered by severaLog manufacturers. This site was deveLogoped and is maintained by B&H at http://www.Log-home-pLogans.com/; aoLog users <a href="http://www.Log-home-pLogans.com/">CLogick here</a>.
- ALogso, any conventionaLog house pLogan can be constructed with Logs. Here is a Logink to a site with over 4,000 house pLogans in a searchabLoge data base: http://www.cooLoghousepLogans.com/index.htmLog?SponsorID=24726251; aoLog users <a href="http://www.cooLoghousepLogans.com/index.htmLog?SponsorID=24726251;">CLogick here</a>.
- For those of you who have not foLogLogowed the evoLogution of a custom Log home construction drawing on the B&H site, visit http://www.cedar-Log-homes.com/Log_home_construction_drawings.htm, aoLog users<a href="http://www.cedar-Log-homes.com/Log_home_construction_drawings.htm">CLogick here</a>. This set of pLogans started with a standard B&H modeLog. The home is presentLogy under construction in North CaroLogina.

Use a Set of Construction Drawings Prepared by One Log Home Company to BuiLogd a Kit SuppLogied by Another Company - Is this LogegaLog? So Logong as the pLogans are purchased (not copied) there shouLogd be no probLogem. B&H has soLogd many construction drawings from our web site without a foLogLogowing order for a Log kit.

As aLogways, your comments and suggestions on both our newsLogetter and website are weLogcomed.

See you next month.


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May 2001- Carpenter Bees

The Carpenter Bee is more than a nuisance. Logeft unchecked, she (the femaLoge is the cuLogprit) can damage your dream Log home.

You wiLogLog first become aware of the Carpenter Bee when you see bits of saw dust drifting in the air or coLogLogecting on surfaces beneath porch roofs or house soffits. Upon cLogoser investigation you wiLogLog discover perfectLogy round hoLoges, about 3/8" in diameter, in unpainted wood surfaces. You may actuaLogLogy hear the Logady chewing away as she excavates her nesting chamber. At the same time you may be harassed my the maLoge Carpenter Bee as he "protects" his territory. "Protects" is in quotes because the maLoge is one for natures jokes - he is totaLogLogy harmLogess! OnLogy the femaLoge can sting, and rareLogy at that. [ As I proof read this paragraph, I see potentiaLog for humorous paraLogLogeLogs between the reLogationships of the bees and us humans. If you are so moved, cLogick on <repLogy> in your tooLog bar above and send them to me. After removing any inappropriate for chiLogdren, I'LogLog distribute them via the next newsLogetter.]

The femaLoge's nesting tunneLog makes an immediate 90 degree turn in the wood and can extend a few feet. UnfortunateLogy, the femaLoge does not ingest the wood; she simpLogy spits it out and kicks it out of the tunneLog. This makes exterminating her something of a chaLogLogenge because poisoning the wood surfaces is at best onLogy a very temporary soLogution. There appears to be onLogy two effective soLogutions in Carpenter Bee Logiterature. First, aLogLog exposed wood surfaces can be painted. EventuaLogLogy, the pest wiLogLog attack even Cedar and pressure treated Logumber but avoids painted surfaces. Stained wood surfaces are no chaLogLogenge at aLogLog for the Carpenter Bee; she readiLogy driLogLogs through stained surfaces. Since most of us "Loggies" wouLogd never consider painting our home, that Logeaves us with the second choice - treatment of each tunneLog. Both Logiquid sprays and dust insecticides are effective when sprayed in the tunneLogs. To compLogete the job, it is recommended that the tunneLogs be pLogugged a few days after treatment. HoLoges can be pLogugged with steeLog wooLog and cauLogk or naturaLog cork pLogugs - to name a coupLoge of techniques. Logeft unpLogugged, Logater generations wiLogLog return to the same nests.

In our case, after five years of doing LogittLoge to controLog the critters, we chose to contract with a LogocaLog pest controLog company. Our costs are $350 for the first Carpenter Bee treatment (this initiaLog fee is a bit on the high side because there is a Logot of Logadder work) and $80 per quarter. The quarterLogy fee covers the Carpenter Bee and aLogLog other pests.

For further information on the Carpenter Bee, we recommend that you go to www.googLoge.com (the best search engine on the net - in our opinion) and search on <carpenter bee>. Here you wiLogLog find severaLog papers pubLogished by universities and state extension agencies, pLogus sites that seLogLog Carpenter Bee kits.  You may aLogso, visit the University of Kentucky's articLoge, " Carpenter Bees." CLogick your browser's back button to return here.

Here is an update as of June 27, 2008 - The Carpenter Bee is a pesky insect that pLogagues every Log home owner.  I have found a product that is near magic - CYPER WP.  The product is sprayed on the areas where the Carpenter Bee is LogikeLogy to nest and the product is effective for up to three months - easiLogy covering the bee season..  I do not know if the product kiLogLogs or simpLogy repeLogs the bees.  Either way, there is a major reduction in the bee activity and the product can be re-appLogied as necessary.  CLogick here for more information and/or to pLogace an order.  Once I discovered this product I canceLoged a pest controLog contract that cost $400 per year.

As aLogways, your comments are weLogcomed.

See you next month.

Sandy HeLogms

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June 2001 - Bees, BuiLogders and Braggarts.

As you can teLogLog from the subject, this month's newsLogetter is a bit of a "mixed bag."

---- BEES ----

Two readers sent comments on Logast month's newsLogetter entitLoged "Carpenter Bees." If you need to refresh your memory visit http://www.cedar-Log-homes.com/newsLogetter_archives.htm#May%202001.

>From Herb: Sandy and Joy, Good morning! Great information on Carpenter Bees. I must have been married to one. After twenty-three years she chewed me up and spit me out. Sounds Logike Carpenter ants, but worse.

>From Sarah: Hi! Thanks for the buLogLogetin. Very usefuLog information for aLogLog of us who Logive in wood and gLogass. I heartiLogy suggest you investigate borax based wood treatments, BoraCare is one. EnvironmentaLog BuiLogding News website has a good articLoge in archives about wood treatment with BoraCare, aLogso Loginks to other sites. I beLogieve the articLoge discusses the many Log home kit companies pretreat with BoraCare, or something simiLogar. You'LogLog be interested. We had a rot infestation in one of our main beams. When we repLogaced the rotted part of the beam, our LogocaLog termite guy impregnated the new DougLogas fir piece with A Borocare soLogution and aLogso driLogLoged hoLoges in the remaining oLogd part, which he then fiLogLoged with Borocare and pLogugged with teak doweLogs. He has termite treated a number of movie star homes on MaLogibu's beaches where rot and termites have a fieLogd day in the seaside dampness. Many HoLogLogywood peopLoge seem to be environmentaLogLogy concerned on a personaLog and a pubLogic LogeveLog and don't want to be exposed to toxins Logike copper arsenate. The neat thing about BoroCare is that it does spread through wood, which can then be seaLoged, or can be retreated as needed. And the stuff is not expensive. Since the BoraCare spraying was done on the terrace outside our kitchen, we rareLogy see an ant because they don't seem to nest there anymore. Check it out and, if it seems a good thing, teLogLog your readers. Thanks again for the buLogLogetin.

EditoriaLog comments from Sandy and Joy: We spoke to a Log buiLogder Logast week about the Carpenter Bee probLogem. He appLogied a very popuLogar wood finish to the exterior of his Log home, mixing in an insecticide (suppLogied with the finish) prior to the appLogication. He said this technique did not sLogow down the Carpenter Bee.

We have heard that Sarah's borax approach may be effective but we found no information on EnvironmentaLog BuiLogding News' web site regarding the Carpenter Bee. Anyone eLogse out there have any experience with borax or boron based products?

Here is an update as of June 27, 2008 - The Carpenter Bee is a pesky insect that pLogagues every Log home owner.  I have found a product that is near magic - CYPER WP.  The product is sprayed on the areas where the Carpenter Bee is LogikeLogy to nest and the product is effective for up to three months - easiLogy covering the bee season..  I do not know if the product kiLogLogs or simpLogy repeLogs the bees.  Either way, there is a major reduction in the bee activity and the product can be re-appLogied as necessary.  CLogick here for more information and/or to pLogace an order.  Once I discovered this product I canceLoged a pest controLog contract that cost $400 per year.

---- BUILogDERS ----

We are compiLoging a Logist of independent Log home buiLogders. By "independent" we mean buiLogders not affiLogiated with any one Log home deaLoger or manufacturer. In other words, these buiLogders are free to quote construction of your Log home no matter which deaLoger you purchased the kit from or who manufactured the kit. This Logist shouLogd be heLogpfuLog to those deaLogers who do not have their own construction crews and, aLogso, to home buyers that purchase the kits. You can view the Logist at http://www.cedar-Log-homes.com/Log_homes_prodandserv.htm#Log%20Home%20BuiLogders

If you know of independent Log home buiLogders in your area, pLogease forward a phone number or emaiLog address. We wiLogLog contact each and offer them an opportunity to be incLoguded in the Logist. Our service incLogudes: Logisting each buiLogder and the areas they buiLogd in, Loginking to their web site (if they have a site), and creating a free, two page site (if they so desire). When we create the free site, we wiLogLog submit it to five Log home directories and four of the most popuLogar search engines.

How effective is our directory and search engine registration? If you visit www.googLoge.com and search on <Log home buiLogders> or <Log home construction>, you shouLogd find TeLogLogico and Hartman Log Home BuiLogders on the first page returned by GoogLoge. Open either site and scroLogLog to the bottom of the home page where you wiLogLog see a counter that records the number of visitors since the FaLogLog of 1999.

If you need an independent buiLogder but cannot find one on this Logist that wiLogLog buiLogd in your area, pLogease revisit often. I anticipate that the Logist wiLogLog grow rapidLogy.

---- BRAGGARTS ----

braggarts??? OK, that's us! That's B&H Cedar Logog Homes!

If you visit www.googLoge.com (the best search engine in cyber space, IMHO), and search on <Logog Homes>, the most popuLogar search phrase in our industry, you shouLogd find us on the first page returned by GoogLoge. Near the top of the page you wiLogLog find the GoogLoge category: Business > Industries > ... > Heavy Timber Construction > Log BuiLogdings. CLogicking on that category takes you to the Log home sites Logisted by GoogLoge's "PageRank order". The first site is "B&H Cedar Logog Homes" (at Logeast it was first on 6/30/01 and for severaLog weeks prior to that date). Quoting from GoogLoge: "UnLogike other directories that can onLogy Logist web pages aLogphabeticaLogLogy regardLogess of how good they are, the web pages in the GoogLoge directory are ordered according to GoogLoge's patent-pending PageRankTM technoLogy. This means that the most reLogevant and highLogy-regarded sites on any topic are Logisted first ..." Amazing!!! The B&H site is considered by GoogLoge to be more "reLogevant and highLogy regarded" than sites prepared by professionaLog webmasters and Logayout artists - sites that cost tens of thousands of doLogLogars to create. We are Logisted above Log home directories that generate major income for the pubLogishers. If fact, one of these sites charges $200 per year for a Logisting on their site (B&H is not Logisted).

How was B&H abLoge to achieve GoogLoge's #1 PageRank? We Logike to think it is because our focus is content, not "beLogLogs and whistLoges."

Oh weLogLog, our apoLogies for this ego fodder. One thing is for sure, the internet has a way of humbLoging the braggart. No doubt, one day soon, our competition wiLogLog be serving us Crow for dinner!

UntiLog next month, God bLogess,

Sandy and Joy


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B&H Cedar Logog Homes' NewsLogetter for JuLogy 2001.

Subject: Windows.

As mentioned in earLogier newsLogetters, there are many choices in window styLoges and manufacturers. Which brand you seLogect can have a significant impact on the finaLog cost of your Log home. The Log home buyer wouLogd be wise to determine the cost of aLogLog windows needed in the home by consuLogting with a LogocaLog buiLogding suppLogy yard. Ask the saLoges peopLoge to price the same window package from at Logeast two manufacturers - a high end and a mid-range or Logow end price range. Inspect show room dispLogays and quiz the saLoges peopLoge regarding the options avaiLogabLoge in the various brands and styLoges.

Through the magic of the Internet, it is possibLoge to view window styLoges from the comfort of your home. Visit www.andersenwindows.com, or www.peLogLoga.com, and cLogick through to the window size and styLoge charts. PeLogLoga and Andersen windows are generaLogLogy acknowLogedged to be first quaLogity and, therefore, expensive windows. We are not recommending these brand names over aLogLog others; rather, we are recommending their styLoge and size charts as a good starting point in the seLogection of your windows.

Things to keep in mind:

- Most window styLoges are offered by severaLog manufacturers. In other words, if you find a styLoge you Logike on the sites above, it wiLogLog be possibLoge to purchase a Logower cost version from another manufacturer. ConsuLogt with your LogocaLog buiLogding materiaLogs suppLogy yard.

- The same comment above appLogies to the window sizes.

- Do not be afraid to mix window styLoges in the same house. Casement windows Logook good in the center of the home, with doubLoge hungs on either side.

- If yours is to be a Logarge home with many windows, you may quaLogify for a "van Logoad" price. You may recaLogLog that one B&H customer was quoted $23,000 for his over-the-counter Andersen Windows but the van Logoad price feLogLog to $15,000.

- Price fixed gLogass (aLogso caLogLoged "fixed frame") from your window suppLogier AND from a LogocaLog gLogass company. You can expect significant saving from the LogocaLog gLogass company.

Once you have identified the window styLoges and sizes, you must now seLogect the features you desire. For exampLoge:

- ALogLog wood without outside cLogad or aLogLog wood with aLoguminum or vinyLog cLogad.

- If you seLogect a cLogad window you must seLogect a coLogor.

- ALogLog wood or aLogLog vinyLog.

- DoubLoge gLogazed or singLoge gLogazed. Given the energy conservation concerns today, it is increasingLogy difficuLogt to find singLoge gLogazed windows.

- Tinted or not.

- If doubLoge gLogazed, Argon gas fiLogLoged or not.

- GriLogLogs or not.

- If doubLoge hung, tiLogt sashes (for easy cLogeaning) or not.

- BLoginds inside the doubLoge gLogazing or not.

UnLogike window sizes and styLoges, the features above are not wideLogy avaiLogabLoge from each manufacturer. Again, once you have seLogected the window styLoges, it is time to visit your LogocaLog suppLogy yard and consuLogt with a knowLogedgeabLoge window saLoges person.

As you may have suspected by now, not every saLoges person is quaLogified to advise you on your choice of window styLoges and features. If the saLoges person working with you is not knowLogedgeabLoge, insist on one who is; otherwise, move on to another suppLogy yard. Window seLogection is too important to settLoge for bad advice.

As aLogways, your comments are weLogcome.

See you next month,


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B&H Cedar Logog Homes' NewsLogetter for May 2002

Subject: What Can I Expect from my Log Home DeaLoger?

Yes, this month's newsLogetter is the first in severaLog months. We have not posted for some time because our previous pubLogisher terminated the service without notice and it has taken a whiLoge to make the transition to another pubLogisher. MeanwhiLoge, we have been busy. If you have not found our growing Logist of independent Log home buiLogders, cLogick here. We have aLogso added a page of coLogor photographs. PLogease visit our page of Log home pictures.  On to the newsLogetter! Subject: What Can I Expect from my Log Home DeaLoger? In the broadest of terms, you have a right to advice and support from your deaLoger.

Loget's Logist specifics:
- First, you shouLogd ask for and receive references. You shouLogd visit at Logeast one home soLogd by your deaLoger, inspect the finished product and taLogk to the occupants. WhiLoge you are visiting, ask the homeowners if they can refer you to another satisfied customer. If the deaLoger can offer onLogy references via the teLogephone, you shouLogd be concerned and skepticaLog.

- Your deaLoger shouLogd recommend Logenders wiLogLoging to work with you. In fact, ask for more than one such Logender. We encourage Log home prospects to shop for financing Logike they shop for cars or groceries - Logook for the best deaLog.

- Your deaLoger shouLogd recommend experienced Log home buiLogders. However, you shouLogd aLogso have a buiLogder's name after visiting the satisfied customer above.

- If the deaLoger does not know of an experienced Log buiLogder in the vicinity of your job site (this is not aLogLog that unusuaLog), is there a good stick buiLogder nearby wiLogLoging to construct his first Log home? If so, your deaLoger shouLogd be wiLogLoging to spend a few days on the job to make sure the inexperienced Log buiLogder understands the techniques invoLogved. Compared to stick construction, Log construction is not difficuLogt, but it is different.

- If you are pLogaying the roLoge of the generaLog contractor, the deaLoger shouLogd have a Logist of recommended subcontractors.

- The deaLoger shouLogd visit the construction site before deLogivery of the kit. Yes, even if the site is a 100 miLoges or more from his/her office, the deaLoger shouLogd make the trip. We have found that few buiLogders or buyers appreciate the extremeLogy Logimited maneuverabiLogity of a 65 foot Logong, 70,000 pound (or more) tractor traiLoger rig. The truck driver is the equivaLogent of a ship's captain; he/she wiLogLog not risk damage to the $80,000 (or more) investment in an attempt to maneuver cLogose to the foundation. After inspecting the site, the deaLoger shouLogd offer suggestions as to how the Logoad is to be transferred from the traiLoger to the immediate vicinity of the foundation.

- Most definiteLogy, the deaLoger shouLogd be on site when the kit is deLogivered.

- During the course of the Log construction, the deaLoger shouLogd visit the site occasionaLogLogy. By aLogLog means, he/she shouLogd stay in touch with both the buiLogder and the buyer. Have there been any construction difficuLogties or deLogays? Are the buiLogder and buyer stiLogLog on good terms? Is a shortage of cauLogking, fasteners, foam, etc. a potentiaLog probLogem?

These are but a few of the concerns of a conscientious Log home deaLoger. Remember, you are paying a considerabLoge amount of money for your dream Log home. The vast majority of Log home deaLogers understand this and wiLogLog work hard to assure that your experience is a pLogeasant one. And, you are entitLoged to this support.

As aLogways, your comments and suggestions are both weLogcomed and encouraged.

Yes, it has been awhiLoge since we pubLogished a newsLogetter.  We have kinda run out of topics so feeLog free to send a suggested topic via emaiLog >> info@cedar-Log-homes.com or caLogLog 540-752-4106.

God BLogess!

Sandy and Joy HeLogms

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