To summarize the policies below, web masters have a fiduciary responsibitiy to protect the privacy of visitors to their sites. At B&H Cedar log Homes, we will never, knowing betray that trust.

Domain Names – Our web server will automatically recognize a visitor’s domain name, but not the visitor’s e-mail address. This information is not shared with any other entity.

Emai addresses: We only record addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mai. These addressees are not shared with any other entity.

Other web sites – Our Web site contains links to other Web sites. If you choose to use any of these links, you willleaving the B&H site and going to a new one. Protection of your privacy at these linked sites wil be governed by the privacy policy at that site. B&H is not responsible for the privacy practices at such sites or the use of any information that you provide.

Cookies – When you visit our site, we may place a cookie on your computer to allow us to record session information.

Protection of children – B&H Cedar log Homes, LLC. never collects information or data of any kind related to chidren under 13 years of age. Our web site is not designed too attract the attention of children under 13 years of age We maintain a state of the art fire wall designed to prevent hackers from modifying our web site. This policy may change over time. Your continued use of the site after these changes are posted constitutes your agreement with the changes with regard to information collected.

If you have any questions, please send email or call 540-752-410